Top 10 Machine Learning Project Ideas for Beginners in 2024

Whether you're a just beginner or a pro, here are the top 10 machine learning project ideas! Practice is the only way to get good at ML!

Every year, Machine Learning (ML) applications become more important for almost every kind of business. That’s why a lot of people want to get into Machine Learning. However, getting really good at machine learning requires a lot of practice and patience.

When I started making AI, I encountered one problem tho:
I simply couldn’t come up with Machine Learning project ideas that would teach me new things.

Therefore, I want to help you find Machine Learning project ideas to gain a lot of valuable practice and experience!

#1: Music Recommendation AI

Machine Learning Project ideas - Music Recommendation

We all know this problem – We simply can’t find any good music.
However, you could solve this problem by creating a music recommendation AI that recommends new songs based on a user’s previous activity. In fact, this type of project is pretty common because all the big companies like Spotify or Netflix use it to keep their users active on their platforms.

#2: Security Camera System

This one is a pretty common ML project because it teaches you a lot about computer vision and object detection.

Nowadays, a lot of people got security cameras around their house. However, the casual security camera is kind of dumb and can’t even differentiate a cat from a human.
Such “dumb” security cameras are great for getting enhanced with AI technology.

The idea of this project is to detect people on your property and, for example, notify you via a message on your phone. Additionally, you can create an AI that analyzes the behavior of people and predicts how probable it is that a person is a security risk.

#3: Stock Price Prediction

ML Projects - Predict Stock prices

Predicting stock prices is a great beginner project for gaining practice in machine learning.
With this project, you won’t have the problem of not finding enough data to get started, as the stock market history is free to access for everyone.

Nonetheless, you will need to have a general understanding of the following points:

#4: Self-Driving Car

By “Self-Driving Car” I don’t mean a real car that has to take into account every single traffic rule. Actually, I mean setting up a virtual environment where you train a car to drive around a track. This can be done in either 2D or 3D.

In fact, this project is a common implementation of reinforcement learning.

However, this project requires you to also know about setting up virtual environments and dealing with multiple AI agents.

Machine Learning project ideas - self driving car

#5: Cancer Detector

Especially in health care, AI becomes more important, as it can help to detect serious diseases like cancer.

If you decide to give this project a shot, you’ll benefit from a ton of already prepared data sets about cancer cells.

Maybe, if your AI is very good, you’ll have the opportunity to save lives by detecting the early stages of cancer.

#6: Wine Quality Predictor

Even though a computer can’t taste wine, it is able to predict how well a wine tastes.
Just try getting a dataset about different factors that make up how much you like a specific wine, and let your AI train with that dataset.

This particular project isn’t only a good practice but is also useful if you like drinking good wine.

#7: Spam Detection

I think we can all agree that spam is just annoying. However, it offers the opportunity to train an AI with it that sorts out all the junk from your inboxes.

How is this different from the spam detection from my email provider?
Usually, integrated spam detection simply scans for specific words or phrases that are used in spam messages. A real machine learning AI wouldn’t just look for these things but will understand the context and make sense of a message.

#8: Fake News Detection

Fake news is spread all over the internet, and sometimes it’s really hard to decide whether the news is real or fake news. Why not create an AI that is able to determine whether the news is fake?. The AI could analyze texts and search for, and make sense of, specific patterns that usually appear in fake news.

#9: Computer Failure Prediction

Nowadays, almost every company is dependent on computers. They usually are willing to pay a lot of money to prevent off-time due to a server crash, for example. Even if they cannot completely prevent a computer crash, it would still help if they knew when a computer would crash.

Now, this is where you come into play! You could create an AI that is going to predict computer failures (crashes) according to patterns that usually appear before a crash.

#10: Plant Classification

Machine Learning Project Ideas - Plant classification

The last project from this list is a pretty common one to get some practice as a beginner. Again, there are a ton of datasets freely available for this type of classification task.

As mobile ML applications are becoming more important, you can even try creating a mobile machine learning application to scan plants with your phone.


In the future, nearly everything we do will be affected by some kind of AI. Therefore, learning something about machine learning can help to get a job or to find solutions to problems for just yourself.

Only by getting experience from real-life machine learning applications, you can get really good at it.

Take action now and implement some of the projects from this list of machine learning project ideas to be the next machine learning expert!

Thanks for reading!

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