Top 18 Interesting Raspberry Pi Projects in 2024!

From home automation to retro gaming, explore the top 18 interesting Raspberry Pi projects to make use of your tiny single-board computer.

The Raspberry Pi single-board computers and microcontroller boards are very popular among developers and hobbyists.
This insightful list of 18 Raspberry Pi Projects helps you decide what project to build next or may even convince you of buying a Raspberry Pi, if you don’t have one yet.

The first 10 Raspberry Pi projects of this list mainly deal with the software side of the Raspberry Pi, whereas the last 8 projects include using some electronics, like sensors and actuators.


Software Projects

#1 Voice Assistant

Raspberry Pi Projects - Voice Assistant
Photo by John Tekeridis:

Let’s begin with a classic Raspberry Pi project – the voice assistant.

Anyone can buy a Google Nest, Apple HomePod, or Amazon Alexa, but how many people can say they have their own fully personalized voice assistant?

There are no limitations in what you can do with your voice assistant.
You can either use an already existing API in the background or code your voice assistant from scratch.
This way, you get to decide how to call your voice assistant, what features it has got, and what happens to your data!

Hardwarewise, you need nothing more than a single Raspberry Pi single-board computer, a microphone and a speaker.

#2 Custom Router

Another great project to make use of your Raspberry Pi is a custom router.

Imagine having full control over your home network with endless customization capabilities.
With your own Router, you get to decide its operating system, all the settings and how your network is organized.

There are even multiple popular operating systems available that are made specifically for devices like the Raspberry Pi, for example OpenWrt.

#3 NAS

Raspberry Pi NAS project

What about a Network Attached Storage (NAS) that you can upload images, videos or project files to?
With a Raspberry Pi, you can configer your own NAS to act like a cloud and be accessible over the internet or use it only from your homenetwork!

#4 Network Monitor

Monitoring your home network can give you many useful insights of the network traffic in your home and can even help spotting malicious activities.

Make your Raspberry Pi listen to your network traffic andcreate a web app to display all the data you’d like.

Here’s a way of implementing this Raspberry Pi project!

#5 Automated YouTube Channel

Try to create an automated YouTube channel where your Raspberry Pi will automatically upload highlights, short clips or other videos without you having to do anything!

If your channel grows big enough, you can even monetize it and make some passive income from it.

However, be aware of copyright and make sure not to upload videos/clips you don’t are allowed to copy.

#6 Custom DNS Server

If you are still using the DNS server of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you should know that they can see what sites you are accessing.

With your own DNS running on a Raspberry Pi, you have full control over your private data.

Also a custom DNS gives you the option to block sites networkwide. This comes in handy in the next project of this list.

#7 PiHole - Network-Wide AdBlock

When talking about custom DNS servers, we also need to know about PiHole.

Basically, PiHole is a custom DNS server that blocks ads network-wide.
For example, you could block ads on your phone, your computer as well as your smart tv!

If one of your devices tries to access an ad server, the PiHole DNS running on your Raspberry Pi, simply returns and invalid IP address. Thus, the ad cannot be loaded.

#8 Smart Security Camera

raspi security camera (pixabay)

Monitor your home with a smart security camera controlled by a Raspberry Pi!
Get a Camera for your Raspberry Pi, set up a webstream and make your home a bit safer.

If you want to take it a little further, you can even add features like movement detection and face recognition.

#9 Smart Home Hub

Smart devices like light bulbs, thermostats, vacuum robots, etc. can make daily life much easier and smarter💡. 
However, devices of different brands come with different apps. You probably have over three different smart home apps on your mobile phone at the moment.

Why not make your own smart home system, which manages all devices at the same time in one single place, hosted on a Raspberry Pi?

#10 Turn a Regular TV into a Smart TV

Most people probably already have smart TVs at home.
However, if you don’t have one yet, or you have an old spare TV lying around, you could make it smart by plugging a Raspberry Pi into it, which then manages the video feed.

For example, you could install Android TV or Kodi on your Pi and enjoy all the benefits of a regular smart TV (and even more!)

Here’s a helpful tutorial if you want to try it.

Hardware Projects

#11 Weather Station

If you’d like to try a Raspberry Pi project that is more hardware-oriented, you can get yourself various sensors, like humidity sensors, temperature sensors, windspeed sensors, etc., and build a weather station.
Of course, you can write the code for your weather station, but you can also look for already-made open-source projects that fulfill all your needs.

#12 Line Following Robot

Another classic in Raspberry Pi projects is a line-following robot. Its sole purpose is to follow a colored (black) line. Even though this might seem fairly simple, it comes with a lot of interesting challenges.
For instance, building a functioning robot is a whole challenge on its own. In addition, writing good software and optimizing your robot for accuracy and speed is harder than you might think.

This project is great for learning a lot about robotics, sensors, and PID controllers. Give it a try!

#13 Automatic Plant Waterer

Never forget about watering your plants again!
Instead, let your Pi take care of your plants.

For instance, you could hook up a water pump and a moisture sensor to automatically water the plant whenever the soil dries.
Also, you can create a web interface to manually water your plants with only the press of a button.

#14 Robotic Arm

industrial robotic arm (pixabay)

Robotic arms play an important role in every modern factory and are used for various tasks.

Building such a robotic arm isn’t one of the easiest projects and comes with multiple challenges. However, it teaches A LOT about programming, electronics, robotics, etc.

Another fun thing about this project is, that it’s never really finished. There’s always a way of improving your creation – making it stronger, faster, more accurate …

#15 Smart Plant

We already talked about automatically watering your plants.
But instead of simply watering your plants, you can make them express what they need and give them a personality.

Make yourself a pot that is equipped with various sensors and a screen to show how the plant feels right now.

#16 RC Car

Im pretty sure you played with RC cars in your childhood.
Let me tell you, that a Raspberry Pi can make playing with RC cars fun again.

For example, you can build a self-driving car that uses sensors, cameras, and – of course – a Raspberry Pi.

In my opinion, every embedded systems/electronics enthusiast should try building an autonomous RC car themselves.

#17 Smart Mirror

How cool would it be to have a look at your mirror in the morning and being served with all the useful information to start your day – the weather, your calendar, some emails, etc.

That’s only a few things a smart mirror can do for you.

Basically, a smart mirror is just a mirror with a screen behind to show some information.
You can use your Pi to power the screen and customize what is shown on your smart mirror.

Here’s a tutorial about how to build your own smart mirror.

#18 Retro Gaming Console

Raspberry Pi retro gaming project - pixabay

Retro gaming enthusiasts will enjoy this one.
Get yourself a nostalgic case in the form of a retro gaming console like the NES and bring it back to life with your Raspberry Pi.
There are many retro-gaming emulation operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, like RetroPie for example.

I hope these Raspberry Pi projects inspired you.
Thanks for reading!

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