Make Money With Coding: Top 8 Ways for Programmers to Earn Money

Find out how to make money with coding/programming. This blog post will provide you with 8 great ways to earn money from your hobby!

A lot of people dream of making money online.
Luckily, it isn’t as hard to make money with coding as it is with other hobbies.
Actually, programming/coding is one of the most lucrative skills for earning money online.

With coding, you have endless opportunities and creativeness for creating awesome new things. Therefore, it’s utterly legit for you to earn money with your projects.

This blog post will show you the best 8 ways to take your hobby to the next level and earn money from it!

What are the best ways to make money with coding?

#1: Monetize your projects with ads

Make money with coding - Monetize Projects With Ads

If you’ve already published some of your coding projects or planning to do so, an easy way to make money with coding is  to serve ads inside those projects.

Especially mobile apps are very well suited for this kind of monetization. You probably know a lot of mobile apps that include ads. However, you can also place ads on web or desktop applications.

Just make sure you don’t place too many ads, as they can significantly reduce user experience!

There are a ton of different ad networks out there. For example, there are Google AdSense and Ezoic for web apps and Google AdMob and Unity Ads for mobile apps.

#2: Sell applications

Probably the easiest way to make money from your coding projects is to sell them. Start selling solutions to problems that people may have, and you’ll earn a lot of money from it.

Depending on the size of your project, you can adjust the price however you want and even earn thousands of dollars per purchase. Another strategy would be to sell many smaller projects for a smaller price. Over time, both strategies will generate a decent passive income.

You can start by selling some smaller projects on app stores like the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. For desktop, web, and enterprise applications, you can use platforms like codecanyon to sell your projects.

#3: Start freelancing

What about freelancing?
Freelancing means that you sell your services, for example, creating a custom website or mobile app.

In fact, there are a lot of people out there who really need a website or other applications. However, most of them don’t have the skill to make such things on their own. Hence, they search online for people who would do it for them.

It is very likely that even big companies are going to hire you. Of course, they are willing to pay a lot more than individuals.

In addition to the money you’ll be paid, you’ll gain a lot of new contacts and probably even long-term business relationships.

There are various freelancing platforms out there. However, the most popular ones are Fiverr and Upwork.

#4: Start a blog

start a blog

Do you also like writing besides coding? Then you should really start a coding blog about the latest coding topics. You could write about coding tutorials and explanations on various topics.

Even though monetizing a blog takes a long time, it is definitely worth trying as it can be very profitable over time. Also, a blog can generate some passive income to earn money while you’re asleep.

Usually, blogs make money through ads, digital products, and affiliate links.

Additionally, you yourself will learn a lot of new things about the topics you write about, and you’ll get in touch with a lot of awesome people who share the same passion as you do!

You don’t even have to host your own site. There are a lot of free services that let you publish blog posts on their site/network, like, for example.

If you decide to start a blog, you have to know that starting a blog requires a lot of hard work and discipline. However, it will turn out very lucrative!

#5: Make tutorials on YouTube

Make Tutorials on Youtube

Every programmer is or was watching YouTube tutorials at some point. Now it could be the time for you to make them yourself. There’ll always be an audience that’d appreciate you showing them how to do certain things.

Usually, people monetize YouTube videos by showing ads before and during the video. Those ads are provided by Google Adsense.

By explaining certain things in a short video, you won’t just earn money, but also you’ll get a better understanding of the topics you talk about.

Like with any other strategy on this list, growing a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

#6: Teach programming to others

teach programming

Unlike YouTube videos, this strategy aims to teach programming to only specific people who pay for your service.

This sort of teaching can be done face-to-face via online meetings or by selling online courses in form of videos or text.

This strategy will probably make a lot more money than YouTube videos. However, you’ll have to put way more effort into it. You always want to provide as much value as you can because you are dependent on good reviews. Otherwise, people are very unlikely to pay for your service.

In addition to the money you earn, you’ll get a better grasp of the topics you teach because you have to intensively think about how to explain things in a way that others can understand.

Two of the best platforms for selling courses online are Udemy and SkillShare.

#7: Start social media accounts

Earn money with coding - Start social Media Accounts

Another way to make money with coding is to start social media accounts.

For example, you could give coding tips on Instagram and publish memes about coding on Reddit.

You can earn a lot of money from collaborations, paid promotions, and ads.

Additionally, you will build up a community and gain a big audience with a lot of influence. That audience may be helpful if you decide to implement some other ways to make money with coding. For example, you could get a lot of traffic to your blog.

In the beginning, social media accounts probably won’t be the most profitable way to make money with coding. However, that will change quickly if you become an authority in your niche.

#8: Write valuable books/e-books

Earn money with coding - Write Valuable Books

The last way to make money with coding mentioned on this list is by selling books with valuable content.

The books can either be physical books or e-books. It doesn’t really matter as long as you provide real value.

If this is the way you want to make money with coding, you should be a pretty good writer. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy writing hundreds of pages, which results in bad-quality content.

The best way to get into selling books is by selling only e-books on Amazon. Later, you can start also selling physical versions of your books.

Wrapping Up

Coding is one of the best hobbies to make money. In fact, there are a ton of possible ways to make money with coding. However, all of them require discipline and hard work. Otherwise, every person on this planet would be rich.

If you keep working and being patient, success will come at some point. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t earn a single penny in the first month. You just have to trust the process!


Thanks for reading!

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