Top 10 Free Sites to Learn Programming in 2024

Programming requires a lot of discipline. Therefore, you should always keep learning. The sites listed in this post can help you with that!

If you want to be a serious programmer, you should never stop learning because there is always something you didn’t know before, and you still have to learn. Therefore, this article will provide you with a list of free sites to learn programming or give you some practice and experience in languages you already know.

The best free sites to learn programming:

#1: SoloLearn

If you are completely new to programming, SoloLearn is the go-to platform for learning the basic concepts of a vast variety of programming languages.

SoloLearn Courses

SoloLearn splits everything important into categories that consist of smaller lessons. In those lessons, you are provided with some explanations and examples. After the explanation part, you will have to solve some “problems”.
At the end of each category, you will find a coding challenge where you have to solve a problem with code.

Additionally, SoloLearn gives you a certificate after successfully completing a course.


  • Clean UI
  • Vast variety of programming languages
  • Very good explanations
  • Learning by doing
  • Free certificate
  • Online code editor
  • Mobile app available

#2: Codewars

If you have already got some experience in coding but still want to learn new things, Codewars might be the right site for you! On Codewars, you’ll find a lot of programming challenges that you have to solve. Of course, most programming languages are supported.

Learn programming - codewars challenge

Another key point of Codewars is the user discussion that lets you discuss different coding problems and challenges with other users of the platform. In addition, you can view the solutions of other users after a challenge to see what you can improve the next time.


  • User discussion
  • Learning by doing
  • Real-life tasks
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Lots of languages supported
  • Learn how to write efficient code

#3: GeeksForGeeks

One of the best sites for online resources is GeeksForGeeks. It is a gigantic online library with tons of computer science articles for over 15 languages.
If you have a problem with a language, there probably is an article for that problem on GeeksForGeeks.

Additionally, GeeksForGeeks offers some paid courses. However, I suggest using the free courses on other sites to learn a new programming language.


  • Many supported languages and technologies
  • Tons of articles on almost every topic

#4: W3Schools

W3Schools is a platform for learning programming languages from scratch. Similar to SoloLearn, W3Schools gives you some explanations with examples on each topic. After the explanations, you sometimes have to complete a “Test Yourself” exercise.

Learn programming - W3Schools Python course

In addition to programming languages, you can also learn about other things like Statistics, Cybersecurity, Raspberry Pi, etc.


  • Tons of topics to learn about
  • Online code editor
  • Good explanations with examples
  • Mobile app available

#5: freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is perfect for learning new programming languages from scratch. Just like the other platforms listed in this article, freeCodeCamp gives some explanations and then wants you to solve coding problems. However, some courses even have got a video explanation.

Learn programming - freeCodeCamp Python course


  • Free certificate
  • Clean UI
  • Video explanations
  • Learning by doing
  • Mobile app available with additional blog posts and podcasts

#6: MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs provides a vast variety of references and guides about web development. If you have any web development problem, you will probably find an article about that problem on MDN web docs. Another positive aspect is that all the articles are translated into multiple languages.


  • Specifically for web development
  • Multiple language translations

#7: Programming Hub

Programming Hub is one of best the services with the most courses on the most topics. Not only can you learn about programming, but also about other areas of anything related to computers. For instance, you can learn about online marketing, cyber security, IT basics, data science, and a whole lot more.
Again, the courses consist of explanations and some questions and task for you to solve.

Learn programming - Programming Hub courses


  • A ton of available courses (Not only about programming)
  • Mobile app available
  • clean UI
  • Visual explanations
  • Certification

#8: The Odin Project

The Odin Project is another site that is focused on web development, which is perfect for beginners. However, the site provides very long and detailed explanations, which is good because you learn a lot, but if you are a person who can’t focus on long texts, this site might not be optimal for you.


  • Very detailed explanations
  • Focused on web development (a benefit for everyone that wants to learn web development)

#9: Exercism

Exercism is again a platform to get some practice and learn programming by completing courses. However, a huge benefit compared to other platforms is that they offer free mentorship while you are taking their courses.
They also offer over 50 languages.


  • Over 50 programming languages to choose from
  • free mentorship
  • Clean & good-looking UI
  • Online code editor

#10: edX

edX is the perfect site for professional online courses and programs. In fact, All the courses are offered by major universities, and If you are considering a serious career in computer science, this site is absolutely worth having a look at.


  • The courses are offered by real universities
  • Tons of courses about computer science and other topics


All the sites listed in this article are perfect for either learning new programming languages or getting some practice and experience in languages you already know.
If you now want to read a guide on how to learn a programming language the right way, you can check out this article.


Thanks for reading!

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