10 Reasons Why Programming is Fun!

Here's why programming is fun! Click to read more and find out what keeps programmers motivated and why the hobby is actually fun.

Programming is more than typing into the computer all day! But what actually is it that keeps us programmers motivated and makes us not lose interest in visibly just typing?

Stay with me if you want to find out about the top 10 reasons why programming is fun!

Why Programming is fun

#1: Being able to create whatever you want

Obviously, programming offers the ability to create whatever program you like.

Imagine you need a program that solves a specific problem. However, you can’t find it anywhere.
No problem, just make it yourself!

Even if there already are programs related to your problem, you can modify them further to offer additional features.

#2: Connecting with people

Most people don’t think about this point. However, it is one of the most important benefits of programming.

As a programmer, you will get in touch with other people sooner or later. 

Whether you ask someone for help with an error or you work on a whole project together with others, you’ll gain valuable contacts and meet nice people.

#3: The ability to make money

Of course, the opportunity to make a significant amount of money is what keeps many programmers motivated.

Take the classic example of flappy bird. Its creator claimed that the app would make $50,000 a day!
This game could have been made by a 10-year-old. Still, it makes such a high amount of money.

That isn’t the only success story by far. However, it is a great example to demonstrate how much money you can make with basic programming skills.

#4: Solving problems

If you simply enjoy problem-solving, this already is a valid point of why programming is fun.

And to be honest, who doesn’t feel great after solving a problem for yourself or others?

Helping others naturally releases dopamine, which causes you to feel good and enjoy what you’re doing. 

#5: Constantly learning

Also, learning new things makes you not only feel smart but actually be smart.

Programmers usually have the desire to always consume more knowledge to be able to tackle increasingly difficult projects, which, when done, provide a huge amount of value. 

Additionally, the things you learn with programming are often actually helpful in everyday situations, as we live in a digital world with programming all around us.

#6: Getting in touch with new things

As a programmer, you won’t just learn about programming-related stuff. Also, you’ll get in touch with completely different jobs/hobbies, for example, graphic design.

Again, we have the point of consuming knowledge and acquiring new skills.

#7: Programming is complicated yet easy to learn

Learning programming is very easy and can be done in only a couple of days. However, programming doesn’t stay that easy, as the projects you work on will become a lot more difficult.

A problem with a lot of other hobbies/jobs is that they are either too hard to begin with or will be boring after some time.

As I already mentioned, getting into programming is easy. However, it will always be challenging and won’t bore you in the long term.

#8: Programming is impressive

If people who aren’t into programming have a look at your screen, they will see your syntax-highlighted code and will be impressed.

Programming in front of others will make you look like a really smart person.

Nobody can deny that being perceived as smart by your friends or family doesn’t feel good 🙂

#9: Programming is important

As already mentioned in point number 5, we live in a digital world where programming is involved in almost everything around us. Without programming, our technology would probably be stuck in the 20th century.

In the future, programming will be even more important and we probably couldn’t live without it.

This thought is what keeps a lot of programmers motivated and enjoying what they’re doing.

#10: Having something to work on

Live would be insanely boring if we wouldn’t have something to work on.

Whether you’re doing programming as a job or your hobby, it will always provide endless amounts of projects you can spend your time with.

Programming is fun


Why programming is fun (in a nutshell):

Programming gets you in touch with great people, solves problems, can earn you a lot of money, and last but not least, you’re constantly consuming knowledge and acquiring new skills.

Of course not everyone will find programming fun. However, if you are the type of person that loves to solve problems and is logically thinking, you’ll likely find joy in programming.


Thanks for reading!

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